Dentures & Partials

At Glendale Denture Centre we care about not only the look of your smile, but your comfort as well.

Personalized Service

5aEverybody’s mouth is different, that’s why we offer different types of dentures to satisfy your individual needs. We will sit down with you to determine your specific requirements and discuss how we can achieve them. When deciding between standard and premium dentures there are a few things to consider. Standard dentures are created using basic tooth shades and shapes, and although they may fit comfortably and allow you to chew, they may not be customized to your particular bite. If you have oral tissues which have resorbed (shrunk) or have an unusual jaw relationship you may want to consider a more personalized denture that utilizes premium materials and precision techniques. With premium personalized dentures, esthetics, comfort, fit and function all work together to ensure a more natural looking smile. They will also allow you to eat, speak and laugh with confidence. At Glendale Denture Centre our great technology allows us to make an exact replica of your mouth using impressions of your jaw (right down to the jaw movements you make), the contour of your lips and your facial muscles, ensuring a comfortable, natural smile!

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Digital Dentures

Digital dentures get you the smile you want without the added wait time. Where regular dentures can take up to 6 weeks to be ready, digital dentures can be fitted within only three visits. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, we’re able to design your dentures on a computer and precision mill them to make sure you’re getting the most accurate fit possible. With the help of our expertly crafted implants, this process eliminates the recurring problem that patients with complete or partial dentures often face, which is sliding, hard-to-keep-still bottom dentures.

Dentures that are made through digital technology also allow for a cleaner, healthier smile. Digital dentures are anti-bacteria because of how dense they are, and how accurately they have been crafted. This helps reduce what some call “denture breath” and is perfect for added confidence.

With digital dentures, patients can also enjoy a wide set of customizable features that are not readily available with complete dentures. This includes border molding, adjusting the face-plate thickness, visual aesthetic characterisation and more. The technology also allows us to adjust the placement of the teeth like never before to make sure that everything is getting a 100 per cent perfect fit.

At Glendale Denture Centre, we understand that life happens and sometimes things get broken or lost without so much of a warning. But for the first time in denture history, we’ll have your permanent record in a digital file, and can pull your smile back up with the press of a button. If you need a replacement denture, we can easily order you a new set with no subsequent fitting required.

What to expect

Your Denturist will take impressions of your mouth while your natural teeth are still present.

Your Denturist will fabricate your new denture in the likeness of your natural teeth, or make any necessary modifications you may wish.

Your dentist or oral surgeon will extract your remaining teeth and may insert your denture. Your Denturist may insert your new immediate denture to ensure correct fit and placement.

A follow-up visit with your Denturist within the first week after extraction of your natural teeth is strongly recommended for any adjustments that may be necessary.

The intial healing period after having your teeth extracted is usually six to eight weeks for a healthy adult.  During this time your gum and bone tissue will shrink and change, so regular visits to your Denturist will be required.

Your Denturist may place a temporary “soft liner” on the surface of your denture.  A soft liner will make chewing more comfortable, helping to minimize sore spots and improve the comfort and fit of your denture.

The healing process and changes to your mouth should be complete within ten to twelve months. At this time your Denturist will consult with you on future options, which may involve either a permanent reline or the fabrication of a permanent denture.

Your First Dentures

A great deal of time and care is spent on the construction of your new dentures, however, an important part of wearing a new denture is the adjustment period, when it is important for you to learn how to eat and talk while wearing your dentures.  Perserverance is the key, and your efforts will determine how quickly and successfully you will adjust to your new immediate dentures.  Thousands of people wear dentures successfully and with time you will too!

First Impressions:

When you first wear your new dentures, you may have a sensation of fullness in the mouth, or your tongue may feel too big in the space between the dentures.  You may also experience extra saliva flow, and perhaps a little difficulty swallowing.  These sensations will gradually disappear as you become more accustomed to your dentures.


When you first receive your new denture you may notice a slight thickness or lisp in your speech.  Try speaking as much as possible, perhaps reading aloud.  This practice will train the tongue and lips to relax and this minor challenge will correct itself in short time.


It will require practice to learn to chew differently with your new dentures.  Begin by eating small pieces of soft foods, chewing equally on both sides of the mouth.  Do not bite food with your front teeth as this may dislodge the denture.  As you grow accustomed to your new teeth more solid foods may be introduced as the healing process progresses.


You may find your facial expressions are a little strained at first but this too will change as the dentures settle.

Try to talk and laugh in a natural way and you will be surprised how quickly your natural facial expressions will return.


Immediate dentures are an excellent alternative to being without teeth immediately after your natural teeth are removed.

Immediate dentures protect sensitive tissue where natural teeth have been removed.  This allows healing to progress while helping to keep the gums free of particles that might cause irritation.

Immediate dentures restore your natural look, which can help improve your confidence and comfort and home and at work.

Immediate dentures can help you make the transition from eating soft foods to a wider variety of textures during the healing process.

Insurance assistance

Direct insurance assessment from most companies.
Patient can pre-pay
Full payment at the end of session


  1. Consultation free
  2. Patient informed of options (partial, denture, etc.)
  3. With immediate deposit can start immediately or can send off pre-determination
  4. Patient to decide what option, have a range of five visits:
    • Preliminary
    • Final impressions & molding
    • Bite registrations
    • Try-in (bring friend/family for second opinion!)
    • Need 100% satisfaction before denture is finished
    • Delivery
  5. 3 months of aftercare – sore spots, bite problems, adapting.